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Sheets of Factory manufacturing tempered clear float glass panels cut to size

About Loofca Niger

Loofca International Niger which is a subsidiary of Loofca International Limited UK is in the process to build and operate two (2) glass factories in Niger:

  1. One to be producing Glass bottles; Sodium Silicate & Ceramics. Seventy (70) hectares of land has been secured in Niamey, Niger to construct the factory that produces Hollow Glass (Glass Bottles), Sodium Silicate and Ceramics.
  2. The other one to be producing Float glass.Seventy (70) hectares of land has been secured in Maradi, Niger to construct the factory that produces Sheet Glass (Float Glass) and other infrastructural developments.

Loofca International Niger is also in partnership with Naanovo Energy Ltd. to build and generate Solar Power in the Republic of Niger.

Loofca International Ltd Niger has partnered with Prochin Italia and Glass services Italy for the sodium silicate daily production. Currently earth moving equipment for excavations and trucks for moving materials to the factory site.

Both the float glass and the Glass bottles, Sodium Silicate & Ceramics factories are to serve all five (5) countries that constitute the SAHEL countries namely MALI, CHAD, BURKINA FASO, NIGER and SENEGAL and other neighboring countries.


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